2nd International Conference on Vehicle and Automotive Engineering VAE2018

We are calling for papers on the technical topics that are related to vehicle and automotive engineering. The aim of the conference is to bring together the experts from both the academic and industrial areas. With reference to the automotive industry in Hungary, many global automotive suppliers and manufacturers have production and R+D facilities here, such as AUDI, BOSCH, MERCEDES-BENZ, OPEL, SUZUKI, TAKATA, etc. The Hungarian Welding Association will be organizing the 29. National Welding Conference at Miskolc paralell to the VAE 20418 conference.

Main branches of topics of the conference:
• A. Conventional Powertrain & Emission
o Gasoline engines & emissions, Diesel engines & emissions, Transmissions, simulation,
Virtual design and testing, Fuels & lubricants
• B. Alternative Powertrains
o Hybrid vehicles, Electric vehicles, Fuel cell vehicles
• C. Vehicle Dynamics
o Suspension, steering & brakes, Tyres, Advanced dynamic vehicle control, Advanced driver
assistant systems, Stability
• D. Materials &Manufacturing
o Advanced materials, Metal parts degradation and quality testing, Manufacturing
technologies, Forming and joining technologies, Automotive casting technology, Metal
casting and mould interfaces, Automotive corrosion, In depth analysis of surface
multilayers, Surface engineering and coating technology, Residual stress testing, Problems
in soldering and heat treatments of metal parts, Prototype building, Flexible processes,
Supply chain & logistics
• E. Vehicle Electronics
o Engine control, Voice and motion recognition, Vehicle tracking and monitoring, Suspension
control, Brakes management
• F. Autonomous vehicles
o Autonomous & connected vehicles, Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT),
Applications in Smart Cities, Future Trends and Emerging Technologies
• G. Noise & Vibration
o Engine noise, Tyre noise, Other sources of noise, Measurement techniques, Simulation and
• H. Active and Passive Safety
o Structural crashworthiness, Biomechanics, Test Methods, Safety management, Accident
reconstruction, Traffic and human factors
• I. Sustainability
o Standards and regulations, Design for environment, Virtual design and testing, Inspection
and maintenance, Life cycle assessment, Recycling
• J. Education
o Vehicle and automotive engineering education, Dual training, Industrial practice,
Educational aids
• K. Design of Vehicle Structures and Surfaces
o Geometric modelling, Design and reconstruction of vehicle structures, and surfaces,
Evaluation and correction of vehicle surfaces, Computer, graphics and image processing in
visualization and design, 3D printing, and prototyping in vehicle development
The conference language is English. One person can have max. one lecture and one poster.
Publication of Papers
All papers are peer-reviewed and the accepted ones will be published in the Lecture Notes in Mechanical
Engineering series, published by Springer Verlag, indexed by Scopus, as is was on the previous conference.
The homepage of the series is as follows: http://www.springer.com/series/11236 The Proceedings will be
available to all registered participants electronically upon arrival at the Conference.
Those companies, who would like to show their activities, related to the conference, a poster show is
available. A poster size is 1x2 m. In the Program book one can have one/some pages also for introducing
themselves. Please contact to the organizers.
University of Miskolc
The history of the university is dated back to 1735, when it was established. The world’s first higher
education institution on technology, the Mining Academy of Selmecbánya, represented special knowledge
and value. Nowadays it has seven faculties. Among them is the Mechanical engineering and informatics,
Material science and Earth science faculties. There are about 10000 students at the university.
Time schedule
Event Deadline
Call for papers
Abstract submission October 1. 2017.
Abstract acceptance October 31. 2017.
Full paper submission December 1. 2017.
Full paper acceptance January 20. 2018.
Conference May 23-24. 2018.
The abstracts must be written and presented in English language only.
The abstract text must be between 300 and 500 words.
Registration fee: 390 Euro up to January 20. 2018, for PhD students 330 Euro
 490 Euro after January 20. 2018, for PhD students 430 Euro
 200 Euro for accompanying persons
For further details, please contact:
Prof. Dr. JÁRMAI, Károly
University of Miskolc, Hungary
H-3515 Miskolc, Egyetemvaros
Tel. +36-46-565111 ext 2028
Fax. +36-46-563399
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Call for papers