Welding in the World tudományos cikkei

Volume 66, Issue 6. June 2022, Research Papers

High-temperature oxidation behavior of plasma-sprayed NiCrAlY/TiOand NiCrAlY/Cr2O3/YSZ coatings on titanium alloy

G. Madhu Sudana Reddy, C. Durga Prasad, Gagan Shetty, M. R. Ramesh, T. Nageswara Rao, Pradeep Patil, p. 1069-1079.

Effect of the Heat Input on Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing of Invar 36 Alloy: Microstructure and Mechanical Properties

Fernando Veiga, Alfredo Suárez, Teresa Artaza, Eider Aldalur, p. 1081-1091.

Influence of current waveform on C-GMAW of 6061 aluminum alloy with addition of ER4043 wire

Yuwen Wang, Maoai Chen, Chaofan Li, Chuansong Wu, p. 1093-1109.

Investigation of carbide precipitations on microstructure and hardness of medium carbon Cr-Ni austenite stainless hardfacing deposit with high wear resistance properties

Dok Su Paek, Chong Bin Jong, p. 1111-1119.

CMT Twin welding-brazing of aluminum to titanium

Wanghui Xu, Wenhui Wang, Qingfu Yang, Jinye Xiong, Lixin Zhang, Huan He, p. 1121-1130.

Comparison of process behavior, microstructure and mechanical properties of ultrasound enhanced friction stir welded titanium/titanium joints

Marco Thomae, Andreas Gester, Guntram Wagner, p. 1131-1140.

A comparative analysis on friction stir welding of similar and dissimilar polymers: acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and polycarbonate plates

Sudhir Kumar, Barnik Saha Roy, p. 1141-1153.

Investigation of friction diffusion bonding of Al/Cu lap joint

Tae-Hong Kim, Jong-Min Ju, Won-Chol Son, p. 1155-1164.

X-ray weld defect detection based on AF-RCNN

Weipeng Liu, Shengqi Shan, Haiyong Chen, Rui Wang, Jiaming Sun, Zhengkui Zhou, p. 1165-1177.

Influence of rotational speed on the electrical and mechanical properties of the friction stir spot welded aluminium alloy sheets

Danka Labus Zlatanovic, Jean Pierre Bergmann, Sebastian Balos, Michael Gräzel, Dragan Pejic, Platon Sovilj, Saurav Goel, p. 1179-1190.

Investigation of -ferrite content in weld metal of modified 9Cr–1Mo electrodes using thermodynamic modelling and quenching experiments

S. S. Mahlalela, P. G. H. Pistorius, p. 1191-1198.

Mechanical and microstructural properties of S1100 UHSS welds obtained by EBW and MAG welding

Mustafa Tümer, Florian Pixner, Rudolf Vallant, Josef Domitner, Norbert Enzinger p. 1199-1211.

Microstructure and Impact Toughness of the Coarse-Grain HAZ Physically Simulated with Different Heat Inputs in a 690 MPa Ultra-low Carbon High-Strength Microalloyed Steel

Yulong Yang, Xiao Jia, Yaxin Ma, Ping Wang, Fuxian Zhu, p. 1213-1227.

Provisions for avoiding brittle fracture in steels used in Australasia including effects of seismic action

Adolf F. Hobbacher, Michail Karpenko, p. 1229-1250.